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Thin Cutting Horizontal Bandsaws
Rhino thin-cutting solutions for wood are used in, for example, the production of lamellas starting with 2 mm thickness.
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RHINO SAWYER horizontal band saws

You need a sawyer? Sawing wood is simpler than ever before with the band saws from Rhino Sawyer. Even making oak lamella cutting from 2 mm or sawing wall plates is quick and easy.  Or maybe you would like to make slats from a wooden beam varying in width and thickness. Not a problem, because these band saw machines can do all sorts of things. The Rhino horizontal band saws are known as very flexible and simple to convert.

Lamella thickness from 2 mm

Close woodworking bandsaw

Thin-cutting Band Saws

Thanks to their flexible design the latest generation of the Rhino Sawyer  thin cutting band saws offers customers amazing performance. No matter whether you are cutting for example oak, wet or dry conditions,  requests for a single cut or three cuts – Rhino Sawyer machines can do it.

Sawyer touchscreen
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Rhino Sawyer horizontal bandsaws

Three models of Rhino Sawyer horizontal bandsaws available

The new Rhino band saw machines are very versatile. A great advantage of this brand compared to for example German or Austrian brands is that they are financial a lot more attractive to purchase. At Rehomy BV, you can choose between different models:

  • Thin cutting band saw, single head
  • Thin cutting band saw, three head
  • Resaw band saw, with tiltable table
Sawyer BR 300
Sawyer TS300 Front
Sawyer 400XL
400 XL
Rhino Sawyer machines

Rhino Sawyer machines are suitable for countless purposes

With our machines you are choosing a horizontal band saw machine which is suitable for various woodworking purposes. The horizontal band saw is very suitable for top layer lamella production for the flooring industry. Among others, you can experience these upsides:

  • Sawing wooden beams into various thicknesses and widths with one movement
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to adjust
  • Available in three types with wide-ranging uses
  • Great value for money

Rehomy is the importer of Rhino Sawyer machines

The Taiwanese brand Rhino Sawyer is known for its excellent and affordable horizontal band saw machines.  Rehomy is a well-known importer of this machines. Clients from all over the world come to this Frisian company to buy these machines. As a specialist in the woodworking machinery, Rehomy only chooses the best brands.

Would you like to be informed about our horizontal band saw machines? The Rehomy staff can tell you all about it. For more information and a quotation, you can contact Rehomy BV’s specialists.  For more information, contact our team.

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